Use-Case | Digital Building Site

Painpoints & Challenges

To be able to react quickly,  flexibly and especially coordinated at the building site, the ‘traditional’ data and document storage in the available standard office applications is not sufficient.

Solution: q·bius

With q•bius, you can build a customized app tailored to your needs to store and easily share all the data and documents required for your construction sites.

A Typical Situation on the Building Site

From planning to execution, a plethora of data and documents are collected, shared, and discussed for a construction site. In doing so, stakeholders utilize different digital tools, some of which are highly specialized for planners/architects, craftsmen, builders, etc. However, when it comes to exchanging data and documents among them, there are generally no good solutions, partly because granting access to one’s own specialized applications for “external” parties is not straightforward. Either it’s not feasible, it’s complicated, or it’s too expensive to set up additional users.

The consequence: inadequate communication and transparency. Collaboration, in the best-case scenario, occurs through access to a shared folder for documents and, for example, Excel spreadsheets. But even that is cumbersome, problematic in terms of proper access rights management, and (in the case of Dropbox, etc.) appears questionable from a data protection perspective for some. As a result, everyone manages the data and documents individually, decentralized in their respective IT solutions. Information, data, and documents are then shared via email (or WhatsApp), with the hope that all stakeholders will maintain the data cleanly within their IT environment. The issue of data integrity (secure, complete, correct data) is then absent. A typical time waster in construction!

Use Case - Digital Building Site

Selection of Screenshots

With q•bius, you can quickly and without any programming effort set up a comprehensive digital construction site management system that supports collaboration between service providers, craftsmen, and clients. This includes central information about project participants (companies, employees), construction diary, protocols, storage of invoices, quotes, and cost estimates, documentation of deliveries, and more.

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