Use Cases

Some Ideas for your DIY-Web Applications

With q•bius, you can digitize your processes faster and more independently. Since you can completely define everything yourself, there are no limits to the specific use cases of q•bius. Whether it’s automotive, for your private business, for home use, construction industry, energy sector, (public) administration, commerce, or any other field…

We want to share some ideas with you on where (and how) you can use q•bius to map out your use cases.

Energy Services

You coordinate the installation and operation of PV, storage, heat pumps, etc. through customers and trade partners.

Hobby Beekeeper

For passionate hobby beekeepers, this app was built with q•bius in less than 2 hours. For non-beekeepers: be inspired!

Project management

With the help of project profiles, you manage collaboration on projects (e.g., construction projects) and organize teamwork.

Digital Building Site

With the "Digital Building Site" App, you and your stakeholders always have all important information, data, and documents on board.

Pool-Management Cars

Efficiently manage leasing and pool vehicles, have all relevant information at your fingertips, along with features like the reporting damages.

More Space for your Ideas

We are continuously expanding our use cases because flexibility is at the core of q•bius. Reach out to us to look at your use cases together.

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